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You can find definition of piece below. Words can have several meanings depending on the context. Their meaning may vary depending on where they are used. Please choose approriate definition according to part of speech and context. We have found 18 different definitions of piece. piece is a 5 letter word. It starts with p and ends with e.

  • piece

    noun artifact

    a separate part of a whole

  • piece

    noun artifact

    an item that is an instance of some type;

  • part

    noun object

    a portion of a natural object

  • musical composition

    noun communication

    a musical work that has been created

  • piece

    noun event

    an instance of some kind

  • piece

    noun communication

    an artistic or literary composition

  • firearm

    noun artifact

    a portable gun

  • piece

    noun food

    a serving that has been cut from a larger portion

  • piece

    noun attribute

    a distance

  • objet d'art

    noun artifact

    a work of art of some artistic value

  • while

    noun time

    a period of indeterminate length (usually short) marked by some action or condition

  • slice

    noun possession

    a share of something

  • man

    noun artifact

    game equipment consisting of an object used in playing certain board games

  • patch

    verb contact

    to join or unite the pieces of

  • assemble

    verb creation

    create by putting components or members together

  • piece

    verb contact

    join during spinning

  • nibble

    verb consumption

    eat intermittently; take small bites of

  • piece

    verb change

    repair by adding pieces

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