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You can find definition of pad below. Words can have several meanings depending on the context. Their meaning may vary depending on where they are used. Please choose approriate definition according to part of speech and context. We have found 11 different definitions of pad. pad is a 3 letter word. It starts with p and ends with d.

  • pad

    noun substance

    a number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge

  • pad

    noun plant

    the large floating leaf of an aquatic plant (as the water lily)

  • pad

    noun artifact

    a block of absorbent material saturated with ink; used to transfer ink evenly to a rubber stamp

  • pad

    noun artifact

    a flat mass of soft material used for protection, stuffing, or comfort

  • launching pad

    noun artifact

    a platform from which rockets or space craft are launched

  • diggings

    noun artifact

    temporary living quarters

  • pad

    noun animal

    the fleshy cushion-like underside of an animal's foot or of a human's finger

  • embroider

    verb communication

    add details to

  • slog

    verb motion

    walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

  • pad

    verb contact

    line or stuff with soft material

  • pad

    verb change

    add padding to

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