Definition of fault

You can find definition of fault below. Words can have several meanings depending on the context. Their meaning may vary depending on where they are used. Please choose approriate definition according to part of speech and context. We have found 8 different definitions of fault. fault is a 5 letter word. It starts with f and ends with t.

  • mistake

    noun act

    a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention

  • defect

    noun state

    an imperfection in an object or machine

  • demerit

    noun attribute

    the quality of being inadequate or falling short of perfection

  • fault

    noun object

    (geology) a crack in the earth's crust resulting from the displacement of one side with respect to the other

  • fault

    noun event

    (electronics) equipment failure attributable to some defect in a circuit (loose connection or insulation failure or short circuit etc.)

  • fault

    noun attribute

    responsibility for a bad situation or event

  • fault

    noun act

    (sports) a serve that is illegal (e.g., that lands outside the prescribed area)

  • blame

    verb communication

    put or pin the blame on

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