Anagram of Ametropia

ametropia is 9 letter word starts with a and ends with a. 296 different words can be made using letters a m e t r o p i a

What is anagram of ametropia?

Anagram is meaningful word made after rearranging all the letters of ametropia. According to Wikipedia;

An anagram is direct word switch or word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example, the word anagram can be rearranged into "nag a ram".

Any word or phrase that exactly reproduces the letters of ametropia in different order is called anagram of ametropia. Anagrams were very popular since ancient times and it was considered great art between writers and poets.

What words can you make using letters in ametropia

There are 296 words that you can make using letters in ametropia. You can make 1 x 9 letter words, 5 x 7 letter words, 21 x 6 letter words, 61 x 5 letter words, 107 x 4 letter words, 75 x 3 letter words and 26 x 2 letter words out of letters in ametropia.

Anagram of ametropia (9 letters)
Word Definition Link
ametropia (ophthalmology) faulty refraction of light rays in the eye as in astigmatism or myopia 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (7 letters)
Word Definition Link
amirate - 🔗
apteria - 🔗
emporia a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise; commonly part... 🔗
meropia - 🔗
primate a senior clergyman and dignitary 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (6 letters)
Word Definition Link
amrita - 🔗
aortae the large trunk artery that carries blood from the left ventricle of the heart to branch arteries 🔗
aporia - 🔗
armpit the hollow under the arm where it is joined to the shoulder 🔗
imaret a hostel for pilgrims in Turkey 🔗
impart transmit (knowledge or skills) 🔗
import commodities (goods or services) bought from a foreign country 🔗
matier - 🔗
mopier - 🔗
opiate a narcotic drug that contains opium or an opium derivative 🔗
optima most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances 🔗
optime - 🔗
paramo - 🔗
permit a legal document giving official permission to do something 🔗
pirate someone who uses another person's words or ideas as if they were his own 🔗
protea any tropical African shrub of the genus Protea having alternate rigid leaves and dense colorful... 🔗
protei - 🔗
ramate having branches 🔗
tamari - 🔗
tamper a tool for tamping (e.g., for tamping tobacco into a pipe bowl or a charge into a drill hole etc.) 🔗
trompe - 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (5 letters)
Word Definition Link
aimer - 🔗
amort utterly cast down 🔗
aorta the large trunk artery that carries blood from the left ventricle of the heart to branch arteries 🔗
apart remote and separate physically or socially 🔗
aport - 🔗
apter (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward 🔗
arame an edible seaweed with a mild flavor 🔗
arepa - 🔗
armet a medieval helmet with a visor and a neck guard 🔗
aroma any property detected by the olfactory system 🔗
atria any chamber that is connected to other chambers or passageways (especially one of the two upper... 🔗
atrip (of an anchor) just clear of the bottom 🔗
irate feeling or showing extreme anger 🔗
maria a dark region of considerable extent on the surface of the moon 🔗
mater an informal use of the Latin word for mother; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously 🔗
merit any admirable quality or attribute 🔗
metro an electric railway operating below the surface of the ground (usually in a city) 🔗
miter joint that forms a corner; usually both sides are bevelled at a 45-degree angle to form a... 🔗
mitre joint that forms a corner; usually both sides are bevelled at a 45-degree angle to form a... 🔗
moira - 🔗
moire silk fabric with a wavy surface pattern 🔗
moper - 🔗
morae - 🔗
oater - 🔗
opera a drama set to music; consists of singing with orchestral accompaniment and an orchestral... 🔗
orate talk pompously 🔗
parae - 🔗
pareo - 🔗
pater an informal use of the Latin word for father; sometimes used by British schoolboys or used facetiously 🔗
patio usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence 🔗
peart - 🔗
pieta a representation of the Virgin Mary mourning over the dead body of Jesus 🔗
praam - 🔗
prate idle or foolish and irrelevant talk 🔗
prima used primarily as eating apples 🔗
prime a number that has no factor but itself and 1 🔗
primo the principal part of a duet (especially a piano duet) 🔗
proem - 🔗
raita an Indian side dish of yogurt and chopped cucumbers and spices 🔗
ramet - 🔗
ramie tall perennial herb of tropical Asia with dark green leaves; cultivated for the fiber from its... 🔗
ratio the relative magnitudes of two quantities (usually expressed as a quotient) 🔗
reata a long noosed rope used to catch animals 🔗
remap - 🔗
remit the topic that a person, committee, or piece of research is expected to deal with or has... 🔗
repot put in a new, usually larger, pot 🔗
retia a network of intersecting blood vessels or intersecting nerves or intersecting lymph vessels 🔗
riata a long noosed rope used to catch animals 🔗
tamer an animal trainer who tames wild animals 🔗
taper a convex shape that narrows toward a point 🔗
tapir large inoffensive chiefly nocturnal ungulate of tropical America and southeast Asia having a... 🔗
tempi (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played 🔗
tempo (music) the speed at which a composition is to be played 🔗
terai - 🔗
tiara a jeweled headdress worn by women on formal occasions 🔗
timer a timepiece that measures a time interval and signals its end 🔗
toper a person who drinks alcoholic beverages (especially to excess) 🔗
tramp a disreputable vagrant 🔗
tripe lining of the stomach of a ruminant (especially a bovine) used as food 🔗
tromp - 🔗
trope language used in a figurative or nonliteral sense 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (4 letters)
Word Definition Link
aero - 🔗
airt channel into a new direction 🔗
amia type genus of the Amiidae 🔗
amie - 🔗
amir an independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia) 🔗
aper someone who copies the words or behavior of another 🔗
area a particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or... 🔗
aria an elaborate song for solo voice 🔗
atap - 🔗
atma - 🔗
atom (physics and chemistry) the smallest component of an element having the chemical properties of... 🔗
atop on, to, or at the top 🔗
emir an independent ruler or chieftain (especially in Africa or Arabia) 🔗
emit expel (gases or odors) 🔗
iota a tiny or scarcely detectable amount 🔗
item a distinct part that can be specified separately in a group of things that could be enumerated on a list 🔗
maar a flat-bottomed volcanic crater that was formed by an explosion; often filled with water 🔗
mair - 🔗
mara Hindu god of death; opposite of Kama 🔗
mare female equine animal 🔗
mart an area in a town where a public mercantile establishment is set up 🔗
mate the officer below the master on a commercial ship 🔗
meat the flesh of animals (including fishes and birds and snails) used as food 🔗
meta - 🔗
mire a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot 🔗
mite a slight but appreciable amount 🔗
moat ditch dug as a fortification and usually filled with water 🔗
mope someone who wastes time 🔗
mora - 🔗
more English statesman who opposed Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon and was imprisoned... 🔗
mort - 🔗
mote (nontechnical usage) a tiny piece of anything 🔗
omer - 🔗
omit prevent from being included or considered or accepted 🔗
pair a set of two similar things considered as a unit 🔗
para (obstetrics) the number of liveborn children a woman has delivered 🔗
pare decrease gradually or bit by bit 🔗
part something determined in relation to something that includes it 🔗
pate liver or meat or fowl finely minced or ground and variously seasoned 🔗
pear sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties 🔗
peat partially carbonized vegetable matter saturated with water; can be used as a fuel when dried 🔗
peri a beautiful and graceful girl 🔗
perm a city in the European part of Russia 🔗
pert characterized by a lightly pert and exuberant quality 🔗
pier a platform built out from the shore into the water and supported by piles; provides access to... 🔗
pima a member of the North American Indian people living in southern Arizona and northern Mexico 🔗
pita usually small round bread that can open into a pocket for filling 🔗
poem a composition written in metrical feet forming rhythmical lines 🔗
poet a writer of poems (the term is usually reserved for writers of good poetry) 🔗
pome a fleshy fruit (apple or pear or related fruits) having seed chambers and an outer fleshy part 🔗
pore any tiny hole admitting passage of a liquid (fluid or gas) 🔗
port a place (seaport or airport) where people and merchandise can enter or leave a country 🔗
pram a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around 🔗
prao - 🔗
prat the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on 🔗
prim assume a prim appearance 🔗
proa - 🔗
prom a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year 🔗
raia - 🔗
rami the posterior part of the mandible that is more or less vertical 🔗
ramp an inclined surface connecting two levels 🔗
rape Eurasian plant cultivated for its seed and as a forage crop 🔗
rapt feeling great rapture or delight 🔗
rate a magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit 🔗
rato - 🔗
ream a large quantity of written matter 🔗
reap gather, as of natural products 🔗
repo - 🔗
rime ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside) 🔗
riot a public act of violence by an unruly mob 🔗
ripe fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used 🔗
rite an established ceremony prescribed by a religion 🔗
roam move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment 🔗
romp an easy victory 🔗
rope a strong line 🔗
rota (Roman Catholic Church) the supreme ecclesiastical tribunal for cases appealed to the Holy See... 🔗
rote memorization by repetition 🔗
roti - 🔗
tame correct by punishment or discipline 🔗
tamp a tool for tamping (e.g., for tamping tobacco into a pipe bowl or a charge into a drill hole etc.) 🔗
tapa the thin fibrous bark of the paper mulberry and Pipturus albidus 🔗
tape a long thin piece of cloth or paper as used for binding or fastening 🔗
tare an adjustment made for the weight of the packaging in order to determine the net weight of the goods 🔗
taro edible starchy tuberous root of taro plants 🔗
tarp waterproofed canvas 🔗
team a cooperative unit (especially in sports) 🔗
tear a drop of the clear salty saline solution secreted by the lacrimal glands 🔗
temp a worker (especially in an office) hired on a temporary basis 🔗
tepa - 🔗
term a word or expression used for some particular thing 🔗
tier a relative position or degree of value in a graded group 🔗
time an instance or single occasion for some event 🔗
tire hoop that covers a wheel 🔗
tiro someone new to a field or activity 🔗
toea 100 toea equal 1 kina in Papua New Guinea 🔗
tome a (usually) large and scholarly book 🔗
tope a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists 🔗
topi a lightweight hat worn in tropical countries for protection from the sun 🔗
tora - 🔗
tore commonly the lowest molding at the base of a column 🔗
tori a ring-shaped surface generated by rotating a circle around an axis that does not intersect the circle 🔗
tram a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and... 🔗
trap a device in which something (usually an animal) can be caught and penned 🔗
trim a state of arrangement or appearance 🔗
trio the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one 🔗
trip a journey for some purpose (usually including the return) 🔗
trop - 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (3 letters)
Word Definition Link
aim an anticipated outcome that is intended or that guides your planned actions 🔗
air a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of 🔗
ait - 🔗
ama - 🔗
ami - 🔗
amp the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites 🔗
ape any of various primates with short tails or no tail at all 🔗
apo - 🔗
apt (usually followed by `to') naturally disposed toward 🔗
are a unit of surface area equal to 100 square meters 🔗
arm a human limb; technically the part of the superior limb between the shoulder and the elbow but... 🔗
art the products of human creativity; works of art collectively 🔗
ate goddess of criminal rashness and its punishment 🔗
ear the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium 🔗
eat take in solid food 🔗
era a period marked by distinctive character or reckoned from a fixed point or event 🔗
eta a terrorist organization organized in 1959 by student activists who were dissatisfied with the... 🔗
imp (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous 🔗
ire a strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance 🔗
mae - 🔗
map a diagrammatic representation of the earth's surface (or part of it) 🔗
mar the month following February and preceding April 🔗
mat a thick flat pad used as a floor covering 🔗
met come together 🔗
mir - 🔗
moa extinct flightless bird of New Zealand 🔗
mop cleaning implement consisting of absorbent material fastened to a handle; for cleaning floors 🔗
mor - 🔗
mot a clever remark 🔗
oar an implement used to propel or steer a boat 🔗
oat annual grass of Europe and North Africa; grains used as food and fodder (referred to primarily... 🔗
ope - 🔗
opt select as an alternative over another 🔗
ora a mouth or mouthlike opening 🔗
ore a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined 🔗
ort - 🔗
pam - 🔗
par (golf) the standard number of strokes set for each hole on a golf course, or for the entire course 🔗
pat the sound made by a gentle blow 🔗
pea seed of a pea plant used for food 🔗
per - 🔗
pet a domesticated animal kept for companionship or amusement 🔗
pia perennial herb of East Indies to Polynesia and Australia; cultivated for its large edible root... 🔗
pie dish baked in pastry-lined pan often with a pastry top 🔗
pit a sizeable hole (usually in the ground) 🔗
poi Hawaiian dish of taro root pounded to a paste and often allowed to ferment 🔗
pom a disparaging term for a British person 🔗
pot metal or earthenware cooking vessel that is usually round and deep; often has a handle and lid 🔗
pro an athlete who plays for pay 🔗
rai - 🔗
ram the most common computer memory which can be used by programs to perform necessary tasks while... 🔗
rap a reproach for some lapse or misdeed 🔗
rat any of various long-tailed rodents similar to but larger than a mouse 🔗
rei - 🔗
rem a recurring sleep state during which dreaming occurs; a state of rapidly shifting eye movements... 🔗
rep informal abbreviation of `representative' 🔗
ret place (flax, hemp, or jute) in liquid so as to promote loosening of the fibers from the woody tissue 🔗
ria - 🔗
rim the shape of a raised edge of a more or less circular object 🔗
rip a dissolute man in fashionable society 🔗
roe fish eggs or egg-filled ovary; having a grainy texture 🔗
rom (computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed 🔗
rot a state of decay usually accompanied by an offensive odor 🔗
tae - 🔗
tam a woolen cap of Scottish origin 🔗
tao an adherent of any branch of Taoism 🔗
tap the sound made by a gentle blow 🔗
tar any of various dark heavy viscid substances obtained as a residue 🔗
tea a beverage made by steeping tea leaves in water 🔗
tie neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and... 🔗
tip the extreme end of something; especially something pointed 🔗
toe one of the digits of the foot 🔗
tom (ethnic slur) offensive and derogatory name for a Black man who is abjectly servile and... 🔗
top the upper part of anything 🔗
tor a prominent rock or pile of rocks on a hill 🔗
Anagram of ametropia (2 letters)
Word Definition Link
aa a dry form of lava resembling clinkers 🔗
ae - 🔗
ai an agency of the United States Army responsible for providing timely and relevant and accurate... 🔗
am a radioactive transuranic metallic element; discovered by bombarding uranium with helium atoms 🔗
ar a colorless and odorless inert gas; one of the six inert gases; comprises approximately 1% of... 🔗
at a highly unstable radioactive element (the heaviest of the halogen series); a decay product of... 🔗
em a quad with a square body 🔗
er a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group; occurs with yttrium 🔗
et - 🔗
it the branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and telecommunications to... 🔗
ma informal terms for a mother 🔗
me a state in New England 🔗
mi destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heart muscle 🔗
mo an indefinitely short time 🔗
oe - 🔗
oi - 🔗
om - 🔗
op - 🔗
or a state in northwestern United States on the Pacific 🔗
pa an informal term for a father; probably derived from baby talk 🔗
pe the 17th letter of the Hebrew alphabet 🔗
pi the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle; approximately equal to... 🔗
re a rare heavy polyvalent metallic element that resembles manganese chemically and is used in some... 🔗
ta a hard grey lustrous metallic element that is highly resistant to corrosion; occurs in niobite... 🔗
ti a light strong grey lustrous corrosion-resistant metallic element used in strong lightweight... 🔗
to - 🔗